Norton is world renowned and has an excellent reputation as an effective anti-virus. However, it shares the point of sale market with a significant number of similar brands and products.  In order to find elements and/or emotions to differentiate it from its competitors and that will offer a basis on which to increase its POS, consumer loyalty needs to be inspired, especially when there is a trust relationship already exists.

To increase sales, generate brand presence and improve relationships with retail chains and distributors.

For the majority of Mexicans, the “gold” (top) travel destination is Paris.  There are even addresses in Mexico City related to Paris and a replica of “Les Champs-Elysees”.  A trip to Paris is an excellent “reward” for an educated client.  Hold a raffle for 5 all expenses paid trips for two to Paris.  In this raffle, the immediate winner would be the client who bought the product and participated in the raffle and at the retail store where Norton 360 could be purchased.

To create and execute a campaign specifically for the point of sale consumer (where 70% of decisions are made) with an inspirational and emotional connection that would include 5 trips for two (people) to Paris.

The following elements were used to announce the raffle:

  1.  Creation of an attractive microsite where clients could register and at the end, through a random drawing, winners would be identified.
  2. Offline campaign: Place notices in Printed Mediums (Newspapers and magazines)
  3. POP: Flyer, posters  and  promoters in stores.

Due to customer confidentiality policies, we are not authorized to disclose details.  However, we are able to confirm that for Symantec, this activity surpassed its expectations in terms of number of registrations and the increase reported in sales.  The activity generated interest among users who decided to purchase the Norton 360 antivirus instead of the competitors’ products.   A press conference was held to award the winners, which gained interesting media coverage.