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The new Nikon D3400 with Snapbridge eliminates the barrier between cameras and cell phones, allowing photography enthusiasts to capture amazing pictures that are immediately sent to their mobiles to be shared in real time.

We launched this product during the holidays generating awareness and excitement among those passionate about photo and Social Media.
A regional media plan was developed, leveraging local insights to have an impactful reach during 2 months with our target in Chile, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala and El Salvador.

The media mix was a strategic selection of cinema, shopping mall formats and a robust digital plan with audio streaming, video, banners, mobile and an influencers program.

Cinemas were selected based on our target’s preferences, making sure they were projected at a venue with a nearby Nikon store where they could interact with the product. Our 20 second spot was broadcasted over 8 thousand times before movies that were relevant to the target in 13 locations, impacting over 1.7 million people.

We leveraged the high traffic of the holiday season, placing high impact formats in shopping malls, which also targeted our audiences.

The digital plan was key to increase awareness through different platforms and devices, with social, video and audio formats, reaching results beyond the regional benchmark. Users were redirected to a landing site with product features, including information of where to buy it in each country. The site obtained more than 4,000 page views and users stayed an average of 7 mins per visit.

The influencers program was held in Chile, Argentina and Colombia. We strategically selected personalities with a potential reach of 3.4 M and we obtained 12 million impressions and 630k interactions. The influencers became educators of the camera features in a soft branded, organic way that was easily accepted by our audience, generating impact and empathy among photography enthusiasts

Thanks to the innovation and a clear understanding of today’s marker’s needs, Nikon is breaking the barriers of mobility and MarketLogic is proud to be part of their success.