AOC Assassin’s Creed

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A true Assassin is willing to risk everything to reach his objective. AOC joined forces with 21st Century Fox, one of the biggest multinational mass media corporations,
to recruit great warriors with one cause in common:
to obtain a deserved reward for their amazing courage and wonderful skills.

We launched a digital promotion that invited the fans of Assassin’s Creed movie to become the protagonists of their own adventure.

Fans from Medellin, Bogota, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Paraguay and El Salvador were challenged to become part of AOC Secret Society and win 27” AOC Agon Gaming Monitors and tickets for the movie premiere.

During the first phase, expectation was built announcing that they should be prepared to defend their honor.
Later, a video was launched inviting them to set up an account and name their army.
The final stage was the perfect moment to fight for the victory.

Our contestants became responsible for recruiting as many Assassins as they could to join them during the battle. The ones who recruited more warriors in their country, were later announced as the winners.

We broadcasted the promotion in digital media, resulting in 89k visits on the website and over 230K views. Additionally, 468 teams participated and obtained 800 votes.

The battle was so fierce, that we even had to give place to a tie in Guatemala.
Seven teams took the glory of becoming the winners.

AOC made all of this possible thanks to the Assassins who accepted the challenge and trusted our brand.

Together, in a secret society, we demonstrated that courage makes us legendary!