Schneider Electric BI

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APC’s Marketing and Sales team need a 360 view and analysis of their re-sellers network sales throughout the Caribbean Region in order to execute and improve marketing strategic plans. However, sales reports are received every week in different formats from 6 distributors that handle +12,000 resellers.

Customer Goal

  • To increase partner sales by at least 4%.

MarketLogic Execution

With an in-house BI tool, MarketLogic’s team unify 12 different sales report and convert this sales data into valuable Insights such as:

  • Partner historical buying per SKU to understand which products are more or less attractive, and plan specific strategies per each case.
  • Partner’s engagement and sales behavior towards specific offers in order to identify whether we need to train them or offer them incentives to accelerate sales
  • Distributor’s total selling and how they engage with their re-sellers in order to evaluate re-sellers satisfaction and improve performance

With these insights, MarketLogic supports Schneider by planning and executing the following:

  • Sales SPIFF campaigns for specific SKUs with low performance.
  • Incentive campaigns for partners with low engagement.
  • Training webinars for re-sellers that are reducing purchase frequency.
  • 1:1 Support through MarketLogic contact center, including help desk, training scheduling and satisfaction surveys.


5% sales increase goal reached for 2 years in a row due to 1:1 re-seller follow up and tailor-made Marketing Support and Incentive Campaigns.