Royal Caribbean Rewards

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Cruise sales in Argentina were low due to the country’s economic situation. Royal Caribbean needed an incentive campaign to increase cruise sales and help the country meet its targets.


Increase sales by incentivizing travel agents to book Royal Caribbean cruises with specific sailing dates and better room categories.


The salesforce works at its best when people are incentivized and motivated. Companies adopting incentive strategies are more likely to report high brand engagement and significant financial performance.


Create an integrated incentive campaign composed of rewards strategy, visual identity and logo, communication plan, online platform and catalog. Participants of the program can accumulate points for sales of eligible cruises and redeem for prizes in the online catalog. Bonus points are awarded for sales of specific cruises and for participating in special promotions.


The campaign was initially designed to run for 3 months but demonstrated such good results that it became an ongoing incentive program in Argentina. Sales increased 15% within the first 6 months of the program and Royal Caribbean started to consider expansion to other countries in Latin America.