Partner Loyalty Program

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VMware needed a more meaningful interaction with its partners in NOLA.


To develop a strategy to motivate and encourage channel and salesforce to sell and recommend VMware products while increasing the number of certified partners within the region.


A strategy to educate and engage our partners on how to sell VMware products in exchange for an incentive prize to build loyalty to the brand and its products.


Increase communication with the channel through a weekly e-mail blast classified into three categories:
1.General Information about the brand and ongoing events and contests
2.Information regarding partner webinars for education and training purposes
3.Incentive program to motivate the sales force to offer VMware products and obtain certifications


In just three months there was a 24% increase in attendance in VMware’s annual PEX event, 21% increase in webinar registration and developed a sales incentive program where 45% of all partners are participating.