NY Experience Campaign

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Every year, Xerox carries out the Real Business Live event that aim at renewing client commitment and showcase their new technology to current clients and prospects. It is a crucial time for negotiating.


Even though this is an all-inclusive trip, it has a low rate of participation. The goal was to improve the attendance of current clients and new leads to achieve new sales.


We created a communication plan based on a specific concept: the NY Experience. The idea was to communicate the whole trip experience in the magical city of NY, describing not only the corporate side of the Real Business Live but also the complementary activities of the trip, particularly the US Open and Broadway.

The communication started with an email directing each client to a microsite where they could access additional information and details of the trip. A second stage included the delivery of a personalized kit containing a formal invitation and postcards referring to each activity to be performed during the trip. A third stage was based on sending a “travel kit” during the days prior to the trip with the necessary items to make a comfortable trip and begin the Xerox experience on the plane.

Finally, in the hotel, they were received with a Welcome Kit that included exclusive US Open items, a welcome letter and also an instant Camera to capture all the experience in images.


There was full attendance of clients to the event and 3 new clients were added to their roster. It was also a great opportunity to interact with the clients and get them closer to the brand.