Demand Center/Concierge Services

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Isolated partners in LATAM:

– Misaligned marketing strategies

– Limited brand support

– Limited enablement (communication, education, certifications).

– However, there was rich content, including campaigns available to localize and distribute.

– All about planning and timelines!

Customer Goal

  • To enroll and enable strategic +100 key resellers (partners) on an exclusive marketing automation platform
  • Engage and align these resellers with VMware sales goals executing fully automated and synchronized marketing campaigns each Q and increase leads/pipeline
  • Replicate best practices
  • Obtain valuable insights and data intelligence to optimize strategies.

MarketLogic Execution

MarketLogic Concierge Services: A consultancy marketing team dedicated to support resellers with the selection, implementation and execution of automated demand generation strategies and campaigns.

On their behalf model”: Experienced Partner Relationships Consultants and LDR’s effectively executing all marketing campaigns on the reseller’s behalf.

Turnkey: content and marketing assets are fully localized and adapted to each market, and are fully available in the MAP (Marketing Automation Platform), distributed and executed in the blink of an eye. ​