We are passionate, multifunctional and multinational.

Every resource at MarketLogic is passionately searching for the most effective and efficient way of achieving specific objectives while evolving with the challenges and transformations of the Latin American and Caribbean markets.

We believe that to reach our goals we must integrate our team’s expertise in all communications media, be a single point of accountability and have a strong local presence to unlock key insights. We also believe in the power of the partnerships that we build with every one of our Clients.


Our team

Marcelo Castro

Founder and CEO

Hernán Braña

Director and Partner

Gabriela Palma

General Manager Guatemala

Paz Terluk

General Manager Mexico

Kathy Cifuentes

General Manager Colombia

Marta de León

Creative Director

Rocío Fortuny

Graphic Designer

Oscar Hernandez

Graphic Production

Levi Pellecer

Digital Designer

Lorena González

Account Manager

Santiago Pereira

Account Executive & Interactive Marketing

Katherine Gentile

Account Executive

Alfredo Castro

B2B Project Coordinator

Margot Doejo

B2B & Channel Marketing Director

Daniel Gross


Cecilia Paz

Account Executive

Eduardo Vega

Senior Account Executive

Belter Perez

Project Coordinator - VMware

Javier Rivera

Partner Relationship Specialist - VMware

Zuly Guerra

Partner Relationship Specialist - Intel

Mariajosé García

Digital Strategy