Empower your imagination

Empower your imagination

The technology market is a very competitive industry. Products and services need branding to connect with users and generate empathy among competitors.

So it was that time of the year again to refresh AOC’s corporate campaign.

We needed to develop the AOC 2016 Campaign for Latam and Caribbean to renew the brand message and visuals. In order to connect with our target, our challenge was to find an approach of technology with a human touch.

AOC offers devices that allow users to enjoy technology with quality at an affordable price in the market.

We wanted to position AOC as a brand that goes beyond its products. That is why we developed a concept based on the imagination, one of the most valuable characteristics of a human being. The campaign related the products with the possibility of making whatever users imagined possible.

Empower your imagination” was born, and we were able to develop graphics that support the emotional and rational aspects of the concept.

This is how we positioned AOC not only as a Technology Expert but also as an Inspirational Brand.

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