Driving traffic to your business

Driving traffic to your business

Spectrum, the leading construction group behind the biggest malls in Guatemala City, recently opened a new mall at the city of El Naranjo. From the very beginning of the construction, until the moment that Spectrum’s flag was placed in site, expectation began to build.

We developed an online game where players were able to discover which stores would open at the brand new mall. By gaining points for discovering the stores of the soon to be opened mall, the users won free movie tickets and special prizes for the big opening of Naranjo Mall.

Users commented, shared, played, won and had a virtual sneak peek to what was coming to them. During the first month, the app received over 9,500 visits who played for an average of 13:45.

Later on, we launched Naranjo Mall’s official website. We focused on taking the experience outside the mall and allowing people to find its variety and spirit when they visited the page. Understanding that content was the key, we created a dynamic platform which reflected what happens when someone vis-its the mall.

We enhanced the experience of Naranjo Mall through digital media and people liked it!

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